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Møt ukes tilflytter - Mikel Salazar

Vi vil gjerne presentere en tilflytter til regionen vår. Denne uken kan du bli bedre kjent med Mikel. Han jobber hos IFE.

Interview from November 2022.

How long have you lived in Norway? Did you move with family or on your own?

Two years ago… although, due to the lockdowns, it feels like little more than one year has passed since I came here on my own.

Your main reasons for moving?

A good job opportunity at IFE Halden, when things were not going well for my startup in Spain, due to the pandemic.

What do you like best about living in Norway?

The beautiful countryside and the welcoming ambiance in the towns.

What could be better?

At least in Halden, there is a clear lack of social life in the streets. Outside of places like shopping centers, the town often feels deserted. I have several ideas about how to improve it (better lighting in the sidewalks, public events in key points of the town, etc.), but it is something that requires a better understanding of the local culture before I can make a serious proposal.

Are there things you find funny or peculiar that you didn’t expect prior to moving?

Even if I read about it in advance, it was difficult for me to understand how much the Earth axial tilt affects the daytime duration at this latitude. I was expecting long nights during the winter, but the sunrises at 3AM during summer caught me by surprise.

Do you have Norwegian acquaintances or friends?

Thanks in part to the Expat meetings I have gained many acquaintances, but, sadly, just a couple of people I could consider Norwegian friends. The social anxiety that seems to affect many Norwegians makes creating lasting relationships very difficult (but I keep on trying).

What are your outside of work interests?

I like to travel around the world when I have the opportunity… and when it is not, I enjoy creating my own virtual worlds and sharing them with others.

What do you miss most from your home country?

The food culture. There are many (supposedly) Spanish products here, but they are pale imitations of what we have in Spain and, in general, eating (and drinking) lacks the social aspect that makes it an actually enjoyable experience.

What has this move taught you so far?

That it is better to make mistakes and learn from them than to avoid making decisions.

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