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Møt månedens tilflytter - Ezgi Ondas

Hver måned presenterer vi en tilflytter til regionen vår. Denne måneden kan du bli bedre kjent med Ezgi. Hun er for tiden på jakt etter jobb.

Ezgi is a marketing specialist with several years of digital marketing, brand management, and event management experience. She has a master's degree in Marketing and Digital Communications from Lumsa University, Italy.

Ezgi is passionate about women empowerment, brand activism, and purpose-driven marketing. She is eager to help brands understand their purposes and create marketing strategies that make a better impact.

Ezgi started her career as a Junior Event Manager in Istanbul, Turkey. After a year of experience, she decided to focus on her academic background and moved to Rome, Italy for her master's degree. After school, Ezgi continued her career as a Marketing Specialist in the textile/fashion industry in Istanbul. She created marketing strategies to make a positive impact on sustainable fashion.

Currently, Ezgi continues her career in Norway. She is the VP of Marketing at PWN Norway. She is coordinating all marketing activities of PWN Norway.

How long have you lived in Norway, did you move with family or on your own? -I moved to Norway 6 months ago. I live with my Norwegian husband. Your main reasons for moving? -Love is my main reason to move to Norway. What do you like best about living in Norway? -The amazing nature and respectful people. What could be better? -Social life, street lights, and most importantly, processes could work better from the public sector (UDI,NAV etc) for immigrants Are there things you find funny or peculiar that you didn´t expect prior to moving? -I knew that Norway was expensive but I didn't think that it was that expensive. It took a long time for me to get used to the prices. Do you have Norwegian acquaintances or friends? -Yes, I do. I feel so lucky about my Norwegian friends. They've been always so welcoming to me. What are your outside of work interests? -I am interested in self-improvement and networking. I spend a lot of time at self-improvement and professional networking events. What do you miss most from your home country? -I miss the wonderful Turkish food and warm Turkish beaches. What has this move taught you so far? -I see it as a new adventure even though it includes many challenges. I feel peaceful in Norway.

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